Drashti Dhami Indian Actress

Drashti Dhami - also known as Indian actress, model and singer is an award-winning Indian actress. She has been known for portraying Geet Handa, a tribal girl from the North West Frontier Province in Geet -Hui Sabse Parey - Parayi; Madhubala-Kundra in Madhubal-Ek Ishq Ekjunon; and Nandini-Sarpagandha in Silsila Bhairava. She has also played the role of Gulliver in Disney's animated movie The Lost Boys.

Drashti Dhami has received accolades for her performances in various movies. She has won awards for Best Actress and Best Director at the Oscars and other major international film festivals.

In the recent movie, Drashti Dhami portrayed the role of a woman who had suffered a traumatic event. The victim was an actress. As a result of the trauma, she lost her eyesight. Because of this, she had to undergo a lot of medical and psychological treatment before she was able to regain her sight.

Drashti Dhami was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in India. She has been diagnosed as having the disease as a result of her constant medication and surgery. She was in a wheel chair for more than a year, due to a herniated disc that resulted from the surgery. The doctors had advised her to go back for the surgery, but she refused, as she did not want to have to change her lifestyle in order to get better.

Drashti Dhami took care of herself and had the courage to go out and work on the set of the movie. She worked as a medical assistant in Mumbai and became a nurse at a children's hospital. She worked as a nanny to different families.

Drashti Dhami also sang in songs. She sang songs like 'Drukkha', 'Yogi', 'Rasayan 'Nusret Chara'. She has also sung songs like 'Mere Chhotelal'Bhela' on her CD 'Shilajit'.

Drashti Dhami is an ideal role model for young Indian women. She is strong and has been very courageous in facing life's adversity and hardships. She has always worked hard to improve her acting skills and become a successful actress.

Drashti Dhami has appeared in a number of other films and TV shows. Her career continues to grow and she plays the role of an actress in many movies. She also narrates videos for her fans and enjoys playing many roles as an actor in television shows. She is in the latest movie 'Drukkha'.

Drashti Dhami has given us a glimpse into a life of an actor and has opened our eyes to the reality of actresses around the world. We must acknowledge and appreciate the efforts that she has made to be able to enjoy the privileges of fame and fortune in our modern society.


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